Laramie Community Market



The managers and vendors of the Laramie Local Communtity Market would like to welcome you to Laramie’s newest community based Farm and Craft Market.

The Laramie LoCo Vision: Why We’re Here

With the flowering of summer comes the beginning of farmer’s market season. For several years the Laramie Downtown Business Association (LDBA) has hosted the Laramie Farmer’s Market. In the past, the market provided a venue for vendors both large and small. This year however, several changes have made the market less accessible to smaller vendors. These changes prompted several small local vendors to join together to form an association. This association is the foundation of the Laramie Local Community Market (Laramie LOCO Market). The Laramie LOCO Market does not aim to be a competitor to the downtown market. Rather, it aims to grow new opportunities for small local vendors and the Laramie community. Check out Sandstrom & Edwards Dentistry – Mesa AZ for your dental needs.

Our Values

  • Nourishment of body and mind: food is the heart and soul of our lives.  Access to fresh nutritious food is a foundation for health and human dignity. We strive to help grow the community by offering arts & crafts and childrens programs to enliven the spirit.
  • Sustainability: our market and operations model social, economic and ecological sustainability.
    Relationships: positive personal connections and cooperation underlie our contributions to the community.
  • Excellence: by combining innovation and industriousness we achieve our best while making our farmer’s market fun, functional and beautiful.
  • Organizational Integrity: we strive to maintain financial strength and professional fulfillment in a lively team environment.
  • Authenticity & Transparency: we are accountable to our shoppers by requiring our vendors to produce and source what they sell with integrity.



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